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Social media is a web of unlimited opportunities and options to influence your audience,the broad description of social media can be a media where every one can share views,news,photos,videos and podcasts accompanied by a voting process.

With Social media the Democracy on the web,People from various fronts are actively connecting with each other and talking everything under the sky,it is a web of information that is collected in a collaborative manner.the likes of Forums,message boards,weblogs,wiki,podcast,pictures and video are various forms of social media


Examples of Social media

  • Google plus
  • Wikipedia
  • MySpace
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Flickr


Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Interactive Medium
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Approach Targeted Audience,Demography
  • Lead Generation
  • Adds Great value to your Marketing Campaign as you can know lot of information about leads
  • Know who your customers are and where they come from


Major Social Networks

Facebook: Current king of Social media,hosts a range of social applications,over 1 billion users and still counting,market value rose after tie-up with microsoft,can sync adverising oppotunities using Microsoft Adcenter

Myspace: Similar to Facebook,user can update their status,set mood,write blog posts and create a personlised presence on web.popularity of myspace is on wane after the Emergence of Facebook.

Twitter: Limited social network when compared to Facebook,its simple infrastructure that allows users to share 140 character messages with other users is a advantange,A user can follow other Twitter users to get real time updates from hem.

LinkedIn: Largest and Prominent social network for Business World,More controlled than other social networks,more often used for qualified,surgical introductionss to individual businesses.

Youtube: Worlds Most popular video sharing and viewing site,acquired by Google in 2006,Users or Companies can establish a profile to upload videos or establish own channels.

Flickr: Specialised Social Network,focused primarily on sharing photos and friends.

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